From vine to wine

The creation of our champagne arises from various operations :


It begins in the middle of September when the grapes reach maturity. Manual picking is performed to ovoid Grapes damage.


The grapes are gently pressed with inflatable membranes. Only 2550 Liters of juice are extracted from 4 000 kg of grapes.

First fermentation

The grape juice "must" then undergoes a first fermentation in stainless steel vats. After one week, the sugar is totally transformed into alcohol.


We assemble still wines of the year with care according to precise ratios. Some reserve wines from previous harvests are blended to maintain a constant taste quality.

Bottling and second fermentation

During the bottling stage, sugars and yeasts are added to assemble still wines. The bottles are horizontally stacked in the cellar. After six weeks, the second alcoholic fermentation, known as "prise de mousse", is realized.

Ageing in cellar

During this stage, wines acquire their characters. Bottles rest on slats for varied periods of time, according to the "cuvées" quality, a minimum of : 20 months for the "Rosé" and "Selection", 24 months for the "Brut" and 7 years for "Millésime".


Bottles are turned 90 degrees once a day for 40 days by tipping them gradually in the vertical position. This allows gather in the bottle neck the deposit created by the yeast.


The bottle neck is immersed in an ice-cold bath at -26C. The deposit is trapped in ice and expelled by opening the bottle. A "liqueur of expedition" composed of wine and sugar is then added. Before the cork and the "muselet" are placed on the bottle.

At last comes labeling and then it is time to enjoy the champagne !

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